Saturday, September 16, 2017

Making Sulfuric Acid Solution / H2SO4

Calculations Molarity and Normality  of H2SO4 Solution Concentrated


1. Calculation H2SO4 solution in the form Molarity  

On the bottle label Sulfuric Acid 1 liter packs written  Concentration of Sulfuric Acid(H2SO4) is  96%, Mr = 98.08, and density = 1.84 kg / liter.

 Step 1 :Calculate the mass of H2SO4 contained in the solution by:
Step 2:Normality calculate H2SO4 by: 

So Sulfuric Acid Solution concentration is 18.00978 M 

2. Calculation H2SO4 solution in the form of Normality

To Calculate the normality of Sulfuric Acid Solution can use the following formula:
So the concentration of Sulfuric Acid Solution is 36.019576 N 

3. Dilution Solution

Example : 
To make the  0.1 N Sulfuric Acid solution as much 250 ml of concentrated Sulfuric Acid solution (96%) Using the formula below:

N1 x V1 = N2 x V2

N1 = Concentration Beginning 
V1 = Volume of the solution to be taken 
N2 = Concentration made (Final concentration) 
V2 = volume of solution to be made (the final volume) 


The first step is to calculate Normality concentrated Sulfuric Acid solution (According explanation No. 2.) 
The second step calculates the required volume

So the volume taken from Sulfuric Acid solution of concentrated (96%) was 0.69 ml  and then add up
distilled water until  the volume to 250 ml.

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